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So many of us are guilty of not displaying our photos in our home. In this digital age it actually takes more effort to get a print than it does to store a digital file. Did you know that it’s been proven that photos in the home boost a childs self esteem? Not to mention you need to decorate your home anyways, you might as well use photos of those you love the most to do it. The problem is you want to display your photos in a way that compliments your home style. This can be a bit tricky when the big chain stores sell the same cheap plastic frames that your grandma is still using. Trying to figure out how and what you want to display can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to make the process a little easier!

  1. Plan a shoot with the end goal in mind. Maybe you have that one huge gap of wall space in the living room that needs filled. Or that one tiny mishaped wall that’s super tall but skinny. If you have an idea of where your artwork is going it can help you plan accordingly. I suggest if you are only picking one photo to use in a common area of your home such as the living room or dining room that you use a photo that incorporates the entire family. Leave individual family member shots to areas where you have plenty of room for display or in rooms that aren’t as accessible to all of your guests.
  2. Use the decor of your home to help determine the feel of your images. Is your house all white and bright or is it moody? If your house is moody and dark a bright white image just wouldn’t fit. Is your home decorated with bright bold colors? Then your clothing for your shoot should match so that when it’s displayed on the walls it coordinates.
  3. Your framing and layout should also fit the feel of your home and personality. Is your home traditional, farmhouse, or maybe eclectic? Do you like symetrical angles or are you more of a modge podge type personality. Frames can range from reclaimed barnwood which compliemtns a farmhouse style home perfectly. A more traditional approach would be gallery walls where every frame is the exact same and matted to create a lot of right angles.
  4. The most important thing is, when you’re done with your shoot IMMEDIATELY order your artwork! We all have great intentions but life is chaotic. Get those images printed and on the wall right away before it becomes just another item on your to do list!
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