Not too many women look forward to having to find clothes during pregnancy. One you aren’t going to be wearing these clothes for long so spending an arm and a leg just doesn’t make sense. Two with the added weight gain you just want to be comfortable.

All you need for maternity are some essential leggings and maternity tanks, then you can pair your existing large tunics or sweaters with the leggings and use cardigans or jackets over the tanks so you aren’t buying more than a few pieces.

I highly suggest three places for maternity. Target, Motherhood and Walmart….hear me out.

To my surprise Walmart actually has maternity leggings and for an amazing $9.99 you can’t beat them! If you want something a bit higher end check out Motherhood Maternity for leggings also. If you’re local to me use the one at the Edinburgh outlet mall so you save even more. You can usually buy 2 leggings and get one free. They also have really cute tops, grab a couple of those to match! Maternity clothes tend to run a bit higher than your normal clothing, nothing like preying on those who really need something. Instead of buying maternity tops just buy from regular retailers and size up. Target has THE BEST maternity tanks. They only have them in a few basic colors but they were a staple in both of my pregnancies. They are extra long so you can even wear them after pregnancy. I still wear mine if I have on a short top or something that likes to rise up when I bend forward. These tanks stay in place and cover your rear, pregnant or not! Target also carries belly bands with the elastic strips to help hold them in place. So long as your jeans are coming up over your thighs you can use one of these belly bands to keep from having to button those jeans, pair it with one of their long tanks and you’re fully covered!!

Stay away from those jean expanders you’ve probably seen on Amazon or advertised on Facebook. They don’t cover your underwear when you leave your jeans undone and the buttons for the expander are never in the right place. You can get the same result using one of the Target belly bands.

Just remember, it’s only temporary so don’t go crazy on buying things you will only wear a few months and comfort is key!

How to dress for maternity

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