Ask any veteran mother and she will tell her the time period in which her baby changed the most was in the first year. Most of us know we want/need newborn photos, but how many times do we say we’ll get photos frequently in that first year but then we get busy actually raising a baby and it slips our mind. Enrolling in a baby plan is your absolute best bet for getting those photos at all the important time periods and not missing out. Just look at how much Ella changed from her newborn shoot to her 3 month session!

Of course not all photographers create a baby plan that looks the same but here is how my baby plan works.

How to enroll:

To enroll in my baby plan you must have already completed a newborn session with me. You can find more info about my newborn sessions HERE.

After your newborn session has been completed you can enroll up until your baby is six months old. To enroll you simply let me know you want to be a part of the plan and then pay your $100 session fee. This session fee covers the creative fee for the baby plan. Then after each session we’ll sit down for your custom ordering appointment where we will design your artwork for your home. I’m here to help during this process!

Shoots the Grow With Me Plan covers:


The first Grow With Me session marks the time when your baby is sitting up on her own, but not quite on the go. Personality is coming out in so many ways, along with giggles, coos and an insatiable curiosity about the world.


You made it! We mark the first birthday with a celebration! At this stage your baby is pulling himself up, standing and perhaps even starting to take those first steps! He’s on the go, crawling everywhere and full of infectious energy. Bring a birthday cake to this session and let your growing toddler have a blast digging in with both hands!


A full family session anytime in year two. This is the perfect way to capture the entire family and set the tone for yearly family photos.

Why enroll?

You think your life was busy before having a family? Just wait! Life with a baby is literally a blur, but in a good way. By enrolling in a baby plan right off the bat the work is taken off your hands and into mine! No need to remember to schedule those six month photos. Always wait until the last minute to plan for outfits for your session? No need now. I’ve got you taken care of. All sessions at AWP include use of the client closet. Clients always come in and say “I brought outfits but I like yours better so let’s just use those.”

Want to capture more, like say every 3 months? Not a problem. I’m glad to upgrade your Grow With Me Plan to fit the exact schedule you envision for your baby.

To enroll in a baby plan, or book your newborn session, just send me a message HERE!

What a Grow With Me Plan is and why you need it | Louisville, KY

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