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There’s nothing I love more in photography than shooting a newborn session! They’re my specialty because they are my favorite. There’s something so sweet about all of those tiny little features. A lot of photographers don’t like doing newborn sessions because they say they don’t have the patience for it, sessions can last 2-3 hours depending on the cooperation level of the baby. For me, I think it’s worth all the frustration to get gorgeous images of a time in life that flies by.

I used to hate this bean bag images but they’ve become my favorite part of the workflow! I lean towards images of baby that are super simple and mostly just baby, that way props don’t take away your focus from the baby. These poses come with my top two newborn sessions.

baby session louisville

I do however love this bucket shot, it’s one of my recent faves. I always say how much I love blues on baby girls but this dark navy has got to be a top favorite.

sibling photos

Never have I had an easier time with sibling photos during a newborn session! She was the best big sister ever, not to mention incredibly photogenic. I think she would’ve been happy taking photos with little sister all day long.

family pose newborn session

Are they not the most beautiful family?! They definitely made my job super easy. Typically by the time we get to these family shots baby is starting to wake up and it can be a bit challenging to get these shots but she was a trooper.

baby smiles

I snagged these shots by accident. I was actually just laying her down on the bed to get her unwrapped because we were all done with her newborn session. She stretched her arms up in the cutest way so I took a couple of shots and then she gave me these grins. Funny how the easiest shots I took the whole session ended up being my favorite!

There’s no better way to display your newborn photos than a piece of wall art. This is one of my framed collages made from wood. It’s the perfect compliment to any home and showcases several photos. This product is from one of my favorite labs The Original Photoblocks. To see more products I offer check out my Artwork page!

framed art

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