Toddlers are busy little bodies, which means their parents are also busy. I’ve made it easy for all you parents with a list of toddler must haves you won’t want to miss out on.

Snack Catcher: Toddlers love to snack so having these will make it easier to take snacks on the go. Plus, I think they cut down on messes because it’s harder for them to dump it. It’s a win win. Check them out here.

Suction Plates: You’ll be thankful you have these for those times when your little ones decides they don’t like what they’re eating or they’re done and want to toss their plate on the floor. It’s going to happen. My advise: Purchase these before it happens! Check them out here.

Silicone Food Catcher Bibs: It’s no surprise that toddlers can be messy. These bibs are super easy to wipe clean and can even catch all those crumbs that your kiddo might drop while eating. Check them out here.

Sippy Cups: Every child is different. I’m sure every single one of you have probably already figured that out. Your kid may favor one sippy cup over the other, just like they did with bottles. Find the favorite and buy multiples!

Step/Helper Stool: Toddlers love helping their parents. Even with a simple task like handing their parents ingredients to help make supper or clean dishes to put away. A lot of times these tasks take place in the kitchen so having a helper stool makes including your toddler so much easier! Check them out here.

Safety Products: Safety products are one of the biggest toddler must haves. As I’m sure all toddler parents quickly find out, THEY ARE INTO EVERYTHING! Ensure that your home is safe for your exploring toddler!

Potty: The dreadful potty training comes along with the toddler years. A convenient toddler must have is a potty to help encourage them. There are so many different kinds so choose which one best suits you and your kiddo. Check them out here.

Wipes: You will want to keep wipes on hand AT. ALL. TIMES. Keep them on the kitchen table, in your car, in the diaper bag. Toddlers are messy and wipes will allow for an easy clean up. This might be your most used item on this list.

iPad/Tablet: Sometimes these can be controversial but these are a really great item to have. There will be times when nothing will settle your toddler but allowing your toddler to watch a little bit of Cocomelon or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse might do the trick. I find them most useful on those long car rides when your little one is tired of being in their carseat.

I hope each of you found this list helpful and most of all, I hope at least one item on this list helps make your life a little easier!

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Toddler Must Haves

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