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Several may be wondering “what to gift a pregnant person for Christmas” for this holiday season but the answer can be so easy! I’ve created a list of a few things, along with some links to check out great gifts to gift someone who is expecting this Christmas season.

Maternity Robe

It may not be a fun gift but I can promise you, they will be thankful. Maternity robes are so handy. They can be used during pregnancy and also after pregnancy. They are super handy if the expectant momma chooses to breastfeed too!

There are so many options. Be sure to pick out a cute pattern. You could even purchase a matching swaddle for when baby arrives. This is great for any pictures that might be taken at the hospital. Check out some different patterns here for both momma and baby.

Hospital Gown

Again, not a fun gift but they will be thankful when they get to wear a cute hospital gown, rather than the typical hospital one.

I had so many nurses comment on my gown that someone had gifted to me. These also come in so many different patterns. Choose a cute one! Check out some different options here.

Hospital Slippers

No one likes walking around the hospital without some type of shoe on. Most expecting mommas probably bring house slippers or flip flops. They may be required to wear hospital socks so I would definitely recommend house slippers. They are comfy, warm if the room ever gets chilly and they are easy to slip on and off when getting in and out of bed.

Spa Footbath

So, enough with the boring gifts. Let’s move on to a few that might be a little more exciting for the expecting momma.

Pregnancy can be hard on a woman. Especially her feet if she’s on them a lot. Maybe the momma isn’t crazy about going out but loves to stay in the comfort of her home. An at home spa footbath is the perfect solution.

It allows momma to stay home and relax. It also allows her feet some love because let’s face it, she may not be able to reach or even see them anymore!

Check them out here.

Pampering Session

You can’t go wrong with a pampering session! Most expecting mommas would love a day to pamper themselves, whether that be getting her nails done or getting a pedicure. It could even include a massage. Most massage therapists just recommend that they be past the first trimester to get a massage.

Women’s bodies go through so much during pregnancy and labor. This gift can provide some time for their busy bodies to get some relaxation.

Keepsake Box

If you’re like me, you hate getting rid of anything that has to do with your little ones. I can promise you, this new momma is going to be the exact same way.

Why not gift her with a keepsake box to keep all those meaningful things in? She will want a safe place to store them.

Check them out here.

Photo Session

A photo session is such a good gift. Why? Because time passes by too quickly, even more so once you have kids. Provide them with a gift that will allow them to always have the memories to look back on. They will be so thankful you did.

Check out my site to book a session with me!

These are all great options if you’re struggling to decide what to get someone who is pregnant this Christmas. But remember, what to gift a pregnant person for Christmas is actually quite simple. Use this list to help out this holiday season!

What To Gift A Pregnant Person For Christmas

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