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As a new parent/parent to be, you’re probably experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. The last thing on your mind may be taking photos of your little one, but trust me, you’ll want to capture those precious moments because a newborn changes faster than you can imagine. That’s where a newborn photographer comes in! Choosing a […]

May 5, 2023

What to consider when booking a newborn photographer

baby laying on their side posed in a prop.

Hey there, fellow tired moms! Let’s talk about why we should be getting those yearly family photos taken. I know it can be hard to wrangle the kiddos, find perfect outfits, and convince our partners to do something they don’t want to do, but trust me, it’s worth it! Your family is always in a […]

May 4, 2023

My top reasons why you NEED family photos every year

Baby boy being held by his loving parents.

One of my clients biggest hurdles is breastfeeding. A lot of first time moms don’t realize there’s quite the learning curve to the art of breastfeeding. I think it’s because we’re given the impression that feeding your baby is so natural that it just comes to both you and baby. Sometimes that’s the case, but […]

April 28, 2023

The Louisville guide to lactation consultants

You can scour the internet for hours going through master lists of what you need to take in your hospital bag when you deliver. I feel like this can lead to a lot of anxiety and obsessing over not missing a single thing. The reality of it all? There’s really not many things that you […]

April 23, 2023

What do you actually need for your hospital bag when delivering a baby?

I get asked all the time….”Aside from newborn photos when does everyone else typically have their kids pictures taken?” While there really is no right or wrong answer, it’s really just your preference, I do think there are certain milestones you won’t want to miss! It’s true that your kids looks, personality and abilities will […]

April 21, 2023

What milestones should I book photos for my baby?

2 year old portrait.

Several may be wondering “what to gift a pregnant person for Christmas” for this holiday season but the answer can be so easy! I’ve created a list of a few things, along with some links to check out great gifts to gift someone who is expecting this Christmas season. Maternity Robe It may not be […]

December 11, 2021

What To Gift A Pregnant Person For Christmas

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Traditions are my favorite, especially Christmas traditions. Do you have traditions that you and your family do every year? Make cookies for Santa? Wear matching pjs? It can be anything! I’ve listed few things to do in Kentuckiana during the holidays and they just might turn into a holiday tradition. Lights Under Louisville Do you […]

November 20, 2021

Things To Do In Kentuckiana During The Holidays

Every parent of a newborn wants to take TONS of photos of their precious new bundle of joy and let’s face it, sometimes the photos that the hospital takes don’t turn out the best. If having professional newborn photos isn’t your cup of tea, you always have the option to take your own hospital photos. […]

October 27, 2021

How To Take Better Hospital Photos

If I had to guess, all mommas out there have a similar Christmas list. And to be honest, we love the gifts we receive each year but there are some gifts that would be extra special. So here’s a few ideas of what moms should ask for for Christmas. Spa Day Who wouldn’t love receiving […]

October 12, 2021

What Moms Should Ask For For Christmas

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It’s that time of year… The best time of year! So many fall activities to do! Fall is seriously my favorite. The beautiful colors, the crisp morning air, the anticipation of the holidays. Or maybe it’s all of the s’mores and pumpkin spice. Regardless, you’ll find me in my cozy sweaters all season long. On […]

October 1, 2021

Favorite Fall Activities