It’s that time of year… The best time of year! So many fall activities to do! Fall is seriously my favorite. The beautiful colors, the crisp morning air, the anticipation of the holidays. Or maybe it’s all of the s’mores and pumpkin spice. Regardless, you’ll find me in my cozy sweaters all season long.

On top of getting to wear comfy sweaters and flannels all season, there’s TONS to do. Fall activities are my favorite! The weather is perfect to get those kiddos out of the house and enjoy all the fun activities!

The Pumpkin Patch

The biggest question with the pumpkin patch is which one do you choose? There’s Huber’s located in Borden, IN. After you pick your pumpkin, make sure to check out the shops, wine tasting or even sit down for a nice family meal.

There’s also Lark Ranch located in Loogootee, IN. There is so much to do at Lark. Your family is guaranteed to have a great time. There’s an activity for everyone at Lark Ranch!

If you’re looking for a pumpkin patch that’s a little more off the grid and not near as busy, I would recommend Cornucopia. It’s located just outside of Scottsburg, IN.

Regardless where you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a great pumpkin patch experience! Plan a visit to a pumpkin patch!

The Zoo

Although the zoo is open majority of the year, I think fall is the best time to go. Have you ever went to the zoo in the summer and majority of the animals are hiding out in the shade? That’s because it’s hot and they don’t want to be in the sun. It’s cooler in the fall so the animals are more active. Can you blame them?

You can visit the Louisville or Indy Zoo. They both will provide awesome experiences. However, I really recommend the Cincinnati Zoo and the Botanical Garden. The garden this time of year is beautiful and so worth the drive! Plan a visit to the zoo!

Jack O Lantern Spectacular

If you haven’t had a chance to go to Jack O Lantern Spectacular, you need to! Take this as a sign and find a time to take your family to check out all the neat designs they have each year. They differ from year to year but I’m amazed every time. I don’t know how anyone has the patience. I sure don’t! Don’t miss out!

Visit Brown County

Brown County can be a fun getaway anytime but when the leaves are changing, it’s hard to beat! There are a variety of things to do: farmers markets, small shops and of course food. It’s perfect for a relaxing getaway! Plan a visit to Brown County!

There’s so many fun fall activities, with or without kids! Which is your favorite?

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Favorite Fall Activities

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